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Using Social Media to Promote Nonprofit Events

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You’re an adventurous nonprofit. You love being creative and telling a great story. You’ve had a social media presence for a while, but now you want to take things to the next level. Your team wants to use social media to get out the word about this year’s annual charity benefit, fundraiser, auction, party, marathon, […]

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Creativity Blues: What Do I Write About Now?!

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Tell me if you’ve been here… You start a blog for your business website, things are going well, you get busy, and then you seem to run out of ideas, out of time, or out of both. What happened?! How do you keep it going? Writing Through a Creative Slump Creativity comes and goes in […]

Social Media Frontiers

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Reads of the Week 08/23/2014 — Social Media Frontiers There’s a lot of content out there in Content Marketing Land—which is a good thing. This week, these authors explored the frontiers of social media for the benefit of us all. From challenging the Facebook algorithm to making the most of emerging social apps and services, here are […]

7 Keys to Using Facebook for Business

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Like all social media, there’s both an art and a science to using Facebook. I think many people are fairly aware of the odd mix of methodical anthropology, psychology, and data analysis that dominates strategy discussions. But what about mastering the art of Facebook? How do some people get it so right and others so wrong? […]