Social Media: A Mini Manifesto

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Why You Should Have a Conversation and Tell a Great Story

Social media is the world’s fastest growing communications medium—not just for individuals, but increasingly for businesses as well. Internet marketing is in high demand, but audiences are tired of gimmicks. They will have a conversation with you and they will listen to your story—if it’s authentic. If you do conversation and storytelling well, they will nearly do your marketing for you.

The challenge is reaching that point of mastering conversation and storytelling.

What Gets in Your Way?

In my experience, I’ve seen teams and CEO’s who want to connect to their audiences—be they customers, clients, fans, or volunteers—but two things get in their way.

  1. Time resources. Build a social media following and web presence for the future OR manage today’s mini-crisis?
  2. People resources. Have your employee spend her time learning, planning, executing, and responding to social media OR spend her time doing what you hired her to do?

But these don’t have to be either/or questions. You can run your business and get help with the social media and web content part. And that’s where we come in.

What whiskey|banjo Can Do For You

That’s not to say that you just let some outsider start speaking for your company. whiskey|banjo devotes a good bit of effort up front to determine exactly what your needs and expectations are so that we can deliver as promised. You decide what’s important and share-worthy. You stay in the loop with cloud-based tools where we develop, edit, schedule, and deliver content with your feedback.

The benefits of working with whiskey|banjo: expert advice paired with cost-effective efficient processes. Things we value: sharing, transparency, and experimentation.

Who we’re right for: small- to mid-sized companies with a sense of adventure, creative entrepreneurs, forward-thinking nonprofits, people who want to reach their audience but lack internal skills or resources.

So what now? Contact us to request a consultation or learn more.

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